About Me

TL;DR: Caffeine-dependent indoor enthusiast; SQL Server DBA and blogger. Mostly quiet, punctuated by bursts of intense oddness.

My name is Frank Figearo; I’m a Microsoft SQL Server DBA currently working for BBA Aviation, a global flight services provider headquartered in Orlando, Florida. I started life as a FoxPro 2.0 application developer in 1991 and began transitioning to “real” database application development in 1997 with SQL Server 6.5 and Visual Basic 5.0. I started moving away from application development in the early 2000s, preferring to focus on ETL, data migration and other back-end work. Interest in database administration grew from there, and by the mid-’00s I was a full-time database administrator.

I obviously used SQL extensively as a database application developer, all the way back to my FoxPro days. Set-based thinking came easily to me despite my academic history with procedural languages, and I derive a good deal of satisfaction from crafting a query that’s easy on both the eyes and the server resources. Ever since I discovered the system tables and catalog views, I’ve been building a wide-ranging library of T-SQL tools designed to make my life easier. Any time I find myself doing a task more than once, I start looking for a way to automate it.

SQL Nerd and Friend

In my downtime I enjoy watching bad disaster movies, reading good sci-fi and spending time with my family. I’m also fond of good coffee, shiny gadgets, certain prime numbers and many powers of two.